Entry #1

Hello Gents

2007-07-18 02:23:58 by RandomSociety

It was quite the Milano Day this year with some great submissions that fell under the radar from others.

I'll take the time to post them now.

Blue - Mday 07 - Blue's Return
BucketHatBobby - Random Society!
Duck-Duck-Sheep - MDay: Dreams Of A Sheep
Frozenfire - Milanocrew Pwns Noobs
IceImp - "Epic Milano Day Flash"
Nick - Milano Day 2007
RhymesWithOrange - im typing lol milanocrew
Slinker - No More Ketchup For Jack

I'm not sure if I missed anyone or not and if I did I'm sorry.

If anyone wants to come join us at the Random Society you are always welcome to join.


Hello Gents


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2007-07-18 03:32:42

What a great Milano Day is sure was.


2007-08-21 17:06:32

Can you plz get better at flash now.


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